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Solar Module

A single solar poweredmodule holds a power rating which can vary from 3 to 300 watts. A solar module can be considered as the basic most component of any solar powered electricity generation system.A singular solar cell is able to a meager 0.1-2 watts of electrical power which is not practical in real time usage. Hence, to get the necessary units of electricity, we form modules.

Different types of solar modules

Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Module

A monocrystalline silicon solar module is considered by many as the most efficient solar modules out there. Surajdada’s monocrystalline solarmodules are best known for their high efficiency and low operational costs. Monocrystalline panels are made with the help of a single silicon crystal. It consists of crystals being cut into distinctive shapes and patterns that will finally give them their recognizable appearance.The overall crystal framework in a monocrystalline solar panel is very even which is of high purity meaning that you can enjoy an electrical output at the very highest of efficiencies.

Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Module

Polycrystalline solar modules are manufactured by simply pouring molten Silicon into a cast. However, this will result in an irregular formation of the crystalline structure thereby creating boundaries between the various crystal layers. With the help of this formation, the grainy appearance highlights the boundaries within the crystal.
As a result of these boundaries, the overall efficiency of the polycrystalline silicon crystal is lesser in comparison to monocrystalline silicon crystals. The overall cost involved during the construction of these panels is less as compared to monocrystalline silicon crystals. They represent a cheaper alternative when it comes to mass requirements of solar PV modules.

Thin-Film Solar PV

Though these type of panels are not much in the market, they’re perfect for low power applications along with the need for more portability. The maximum efficiency of a thin film solar module is about 20 % and can be constructed with the help of a wide variety of materials. The main materials used as cadmium telluride, copper indium gallium selenide, etc. Surajdada offers the best thin-film panels which are less expensive and are perfect for your solar power requirements.

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