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Solar Water Pumping System

Our Solar powered water pumps are not very much on the pricey end and represent a low cost yet effective solution to enable Indian farmers to concentrate more on cultivating their crops more efficiently rather than transporting water over long distances. Recent studies show that almost fifty percent of the investment for any solarpower system goes towards the purchase of Solar panels. Our Solar panels are cost efficient considering the high efficiency we offer. This helps in reducing costs and finally, adding to the overall productivity of your organization.

Standout features of oursolar powered Pumping systems

  • Solar pumps require no inverters
  • The construction of the system is very rugged
  • Installation of the pumping system has never been easier
  • Solar water pumping systems do not require the installation of any kind of electricity grid
  • The operating life of pump systems are very long
  • Pumps are very easy to maintain and operate
  • Pumps are very eco-friendly and do not cause any pollution to the environment
  • The cost of fuel is next to zero

Our wide variety of Solar Powered water pumps

Submersible Water Pumps

These are the type of solar water pumps which are able to lift water of up to a maximum of 650 feet and also fit in a good casing of 4 inches or larger. Water which is present at depths of more than 20 feet below ground level too can be lumped back to the surface using a submersible solar water pump. These pumps can not only operate on solar power but also on batteries and AC power sources. Water can be pumped during the day when solar power can be easily harvested and the water is then stored in overhead tanks or cisterns.

Surface Solar Pumps

These water pumps are best for applications such as streams, storage tanks, and shallow water bodies. They operate best when the water is a depth of not more than 20 feet from the ground level. Surface pumps are not able to lift water from very deep sources, but they’re able to transport water over long distances which can reach up to 200 feet in length.

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