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Earthing and Lightning Arrestor


Every electrical system must be protected with the help of an earthing system which helps connect certain components of the system with the earth’s conductive surface. This is done for safety and functional purposes. The earth’sconductive surface can be treated as a reference point. However, the choice of the earthing system can greatly affect the safety of the entire installation. Many of the countries have made it mandatory for people to install earthing systems in their homes and offices. Even when it comes to solar power generation systems, earthing will be required.

Basic Components of Earthing System

An ideal earthing system consists of a number of critical components such as:

  • Earthing Lead
  • Earth Continuity Conductor
  • Earth Electrode

Lightning protection system

Apart from earthing solutions, Lightning protection too is important when installing a solar power system at your home. The basic use of a Lightning protection system is to provide extra protection to buildings from external Lightningduring a stormy day which can cause extensive damage to structures and human life. A basic Lightning protection consists of an earthing along with an internal Lightning protection system.

What are the basic functions of an external lightning protection system?

  • With the help of the air termination system, we can intercept direct strikes of Lightning.
  • Helps safely discharge approaching lightning strikes to the earth with the help of a down conductor system.

What are the basic functions of an internal lightning protection system?

An internal lightning protection system helps to spark within the stricture which can be dangerous. It achieves this by establishing an equipotential bond along with attaining an optimum distance between various LPS components along with the other components which are capable of conducting electricity.

Elements of a lightning protection system

As per standards set by various organizations around the world, the most basic of components of a simple lightning system are:
  • Air-termination system
  • Lightning equipotential bonding
  • Earth-termination system
  • Down conductor
  • Separation Distances

We at Surajdada ensure that your facility is fittedwith the highest quality earthing and lightning protection systems which ensure that your home/office is protected well. We offer our products at the very reasonable of prices and we also offer the best in class post-installation maintenance services which ensures that the system installed is maintained well for a long duration of time.

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